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Development and technical paper
27 Aug 2015
Development and technical paper |  | 27 Aug 2015

Lagrangian advection scheme with shape matrix (LASM) v0.2: interparcel mixing, physics–dynamics coupling and 3-D extension

L. Dong, B. Wang, L. Liu, and Y. Huang

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Revised manuscript not accepted
A Lagrangian advection scheme with shape matrix (LASM) for solving advection problems
L. Dong, B. Wang, and L. Liu
Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 2951–2968,,, 2014
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The interparcel mixing algorithm in the Lagrangian advection scheme with shape matrix (LASM) is updated to make the scheme more robust. The new algorithm is more effective in controlling the shape of parcels, which is vital for long time simulation. LASM is inherently shape-preserving without any complicated filter or limiter, so it is linear. This fact contributes to the ability of LASM to preserve the sum of multiple tracers exactly.