Articles | Volume 11, issue 10
Development and technical paper
19 Oct 2018
Development and technical paper |  | 19 Oct 2018

Development of an automatic delineation of cliff top and toe on very irregular planform coastlines (CliffMetrics v1.0)

Andres Payo, Bismarck Jigena Antelo, Martin Hurst, Monica Palaseanu-Lovejoy, Chris Williams, Gareth Jenkins, Kathryn Lee, David Favis-Mortlock, Andrew Barkwith, and Michael A. Ellis

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Coastal Modelling Environment version 1.0: a framework for integrating landform-specific component models in order to simulate decadal to centennial morphological changes on complex coasts
Andrés Payo, David Favis-Mortlock, Mark Dickson, Jim W. Hall, Martin D. Hurst, Mike J. A. Walkden, Ian Townend, Matthew C. Ives, Robert J. Nicholls, and Michael A. Ellis
Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 2715–2740,,, 2017
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High-precision 1′ × 1′ bathymetric model of Philippine Sea inversed from marine gravity anomalies
Dechao An, Jinyun Guo, Xiaotao Chang, Zhenming Wang, Yongjun Jia, Xin Liu, Valery Bondur, and Heping Sun
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 2039–2052,,, 2024
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Deciphering past earthquakes from the probabilistic modeling of paleoseismic records – the Paleoseismic EArthquake CHronologies code (PEACH, version 1)
Octavi Gómez-Novell, Bruno Pace, Francesco Visini, Joanna Faure Walker, and Oona Scotti
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 7339–7355,,, 2023
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Modelling detrital cosmogenic nuclide concentrations during landscape evolution in Cidre v2.0
Sébastien Carretier, Vincent Regard, Youssouf Abdelhafiz, and Bastien Plazolles
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 6741–6755,,, 2023
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A new temperature-photoperiod coupled phenology module in LPJ-GUESS model v4.1: optimizing estimation of terrestrial carbon and water processes
Shouzhi Chen, Yongshuo H. Fu, Mingwei Li, Zitong Jia, Yishuo Cui, and Jing Tang
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,,, 2023
Revised manuscript accepted for GMD
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IMEX_SfloW2D v2: a depth-averaged numerical flow model for volcanic gas–particle flows over complex topographies and water
Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi, Tomaso Esposti Ongaro, and Samantha Engwell
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 6309–6336,,, 2023
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We describe a new algorithm that automatically delineates the cliff top and toe of a cliffed coastline from a digital elevation model (DEM). The algorithm builds upon existing methods but is specifically designed to resolve very irregular planform coastlines with many bays and capes, such as parts of the coastline of Great Britain.