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Methods for assessment of models
09 Jul 2021
Methods for assessment of models |  | 09 Jul 2021

Efficient Bayesian inference for large chaotic dynamical systems

Sebastian Springer, Heikki Haario, Jouni Susiluoto, Aleksandr Bibov, Andrew Davis, and Youssef Marzouk

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Forward Model Emulator for Atmospheric Radiative Transfer Using Gaussian Processes And Cross Validation
Otto M. Lamminpää, Jouni I. Susiluoto, Jonathan M. Hobbs, James L. McDuffie, Amy J. Braverman, and Houman Owhadi
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss.,,, 2024
Preprint under review for AMT
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Identification of molecular cluster evaporation rates, cluster formation enthalpies and entropies by Monte Carlo method
Anna Shcherbacheva, Tracey Balehowsky, Jakub Kubečka, Tinja Olenius, Tapio Helin, Heikki Haario, Marko Laine, Theo Kurtén, and Hanna Vehkamäki
Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 15867–15906,,, 2020
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Efficient multi-scale Gaussian process regression for massive remote sensing data with satGP v0.1.2
Jouni Susiluoto, Alessio Spantini, Heikki Haario, Teemu Härkönen, and Youssef Marzouk
Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 3439–3463,,, 2020
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Towards operational phytoplankton recognition with automated high-throughput imaging and compact convolutional neural networks
Tuomas Eerola, Kaisa Kraft, Osku Grönberg, Lasse Lensu, Sanna Suikkanen, Jukka Seppälä, Timo Tamminen, Heikki Kälviäinen, and Heikki Haario
Ocean Sci. Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Parameter calibration and stomatal conductance formulation comparison for boreal forests with adaptive population importance sampler in the land surface model JSBACH
Jarmo Mäkelä, Jürgen Knauer, Mika Aurela, Andrew Black, Martin Heimann, Hideki Kobayashi, Annalea Lohila, Ivan Mammarella, Hank Margolis, Tiina Markkanen, Jouni Susiluoto, Tea Thum, Toni Viskari, Sönke Zaehle, and Tuula Aalto
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 4075–4098,,, 2019
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Numerical methods
Developing meshing workflows in Gmsh v4.11 for the geologic uncertainty assessment of high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage
Ali Dashti, Jens C. Grimmer, Christophe Geuzaine, Florian Bauer, and Thomas Kohl
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3467–3485,,, 2024
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Development and preliminary validation of a land surface image assimilation system based on the Common Land Model
Wangbin Shen, Zhaohui Lin, Zhengkun Qin, and Juan Li
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3447–3465,,, 2024
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NorSand4AI: a comprehensive triaxial test simulation database for NorSand constitutive model materials
Luan Carlos de Sena Monteiro Ozelim, Michéle Dal Toé Casagrande, and André Luís Brasil Cavalcante
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3175–3197,,, 2024
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ParticleDA.jl v.1.0: a distributed particle-filtering data assimilation package
Daniel Giles, Matthew M. Graham, Mosè Giordano, Tuomas Koskela, Alexandros Beskos, and Serge Guillas
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 2427–2445,,, 2024
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HETerogeneous vectorized or Parallel (HETPv1.0): an updated inorganic heterogeneous chemistry solver for the metastable-state NH4+–Na+–Ca2+–K+–Mg2+–SO42−–NO3–Cl–H2O system based on ISORROPIA II
Stefan J. Miller, Paul A. Makar, and Colin J. Lee
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 2197–2219,,, 2024
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Model predictions always contain uncertainty. But in some cases, such as weather forecasting or climate modeling, chaotic unpredictability increases the difficulty to say exactly how much uncertainty there is. We combine two recently proposed mathematical methods to show how the uncertainty can be analyzed in models that are simplifications of true weather models. The results can be extended in the future to show how forecasts from large-scale models can be improved.