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Development and technical paper
28 Jul 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 28 Jul 2023

Recalibration of a three-dimensional water quality model with a newly developed autocalibration toolkit (EFDC-ACT v1.0.0): how much improvement will be achieved with a wider hydrological variability?

Chen Zhang and Tianyu Fu

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Climate and Earth system modeling
TIMBER v0.1: a conceptual framework for emulating temperature responses to tree cover change
Shruti Nath, Lukas Gudmundsson, Jonas Schwaab, Gregory Duveiller, Steven J. De Hertog, Suqi Guo, Felix Havermann, Fei Luo, Iris Manola, Julia Pongratz, Sonia I. Seneviratne, Carl F. Schleussner, Wim Thiery, and Quentin Lejeune
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 4283–4313,,, 2023
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Description and evaluation of the JULES-ES set-up for ISIMIP2b
Camilla Mathison, Eleanor Burke, Andrew J. Hartley, Douglas I. Kelley, Chantelle Burton, Eddy Robertson, Nicola Gedney, Karina Williams, Andy Wiltshire, Richard J. Ellis, Alistair A. Sellar, and Chris D. Jones
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 4249–4264,,, 2023
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Simplified Kalman smoother and ensemble Kalman smoother for improving reanalyses
Bo Dong, Ross Bannister, Yumeng Chen, Alison Fowler, and Keith Haines
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 4233–4247,,, 2023
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Modelling the terrestrial nitrogen and phosphorus cycle in the UVic ESCM
Makcim L. De Sisto, Andrew H. MacDougall, Nadine Mengis, and Sophia Antoniello
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 4113–4136,,, 2023
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Modeling river water temperature with limiting forcing data: Air2stream v1.0.0, machine learning and multiple regression
Manuel C. Almeida and Pedro S. Coelho
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 4083–4112,,, 2023
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A new automatic calibration toolkit was developed and implemented into the recalibration of a 3-D water quality model, with observations in a wider range of hydrological variability. Compared to the model calibrated with the original strategy, the recalibrated model performed significantly better in modeled total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, and dissolved oxygen. Our work indicates that hydrological variability in the calibration periods has a non-negligible impact on the water quality models.