Articles | Volume 16, issue 14
Development and technical paper
28 Jul 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 28 Jul 2023

Recalibration of a three-dimensional water quality model with a newly developed autocalibration toolkit (EFDC-ACT v1.0.0): how much improvement will be achieved with a wider hydrological variability?

Chen Zhang and Tianyu Fu

Data sets

Observed data Chen Zhang and Tianyu Fu

Model code and software

EFDC-ACT source code Chen Zhang and Tianyu Fu

Short summary
A new automatic calibration toolkit was developed and implemented into the recalibration of a 3-D water quality model, with observations in a wider range of hydrological variability. Compared to the model calibrated with the original strategy, the recalibrated model performed significantly better in modeled total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, and dissolved oxygen. Our work indicates that hydrological variability in the calibration periods has a non-negligible impact on the water quality models.