Articles | Volume 13, issue 8
Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 3769–3788, 2020
Geosci. Model Dev., 13, 3769–3788, 2020

Model evaluation paper 26 Aug 2020

Model evaluation paper | 26 Aug 2020

Evaluation of CH4MODwetland and Terrestrial Ecosystem Model (TEM) used to estimate global CH4 emissions from natural wetlands

Tingting Li et al.

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Reliable models are required to estimate global wetland CH4 emissions, which are the largest and most uncertain source of atmospheric CH4. This paper evaluated CH4MODwetland and TEM models against CH4 measurements from different continents and wetland types. Based on best-model performance, we estimated 117–125 Tg yr−1 of global CH4 emissions from wetlands for the period 2000–2010. Efforts should be made to reduce estimate uncertainties for different wetland types and regions.