Articles | Volume 11, issue 8
Methods for assessment of models
03 Aug 2018
Methods for assessment of models |  | 03 Aug 2018

Fast sensitivity analysis methods for computationally expensive models with multi-dimensional output

Edmund Ryan, Oliver Wild, Apostolos Voulgarakis, and Lindsay Lee

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Modeling soil CO2 production and transport with dynamic source and diffusion terms: testing the steady-state assumption using DETECT v1.0
Edmund M. Ryan, Kiona Ogle, Heather Kropp, Kimberly E. Samuels-Crow, Yolima Carrillo, and Elise Pendall
Geosci. Model Dev., 11, 1909–1928,,, 2018
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Climate and Earth system modeling
LB-SCAM: a learning-based method for efficient large-scale sensitivity analysis and tuning of the Single Column Atmosphere Model (SCAM)
Jiaxu Guo, Juepeng Zheng, Yidan Xu, Haohuan Fu, Wei Xue, Lanning Wang, Lin Gan, Ping Gao, Wubing Wan, Xianwei Wu, Zhitao Zhang, Liang Hu, Gaochao Xu, and Xilong Che
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3975–3992,,, 2024
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Quantifying the impact of SST feedback frequency on Madden–Julian oscillation simulations
Yung-Yao Lan, Huang-Hsiung Hsu, and Wan-Ling Tseng
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3897–3918,,, 2024
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Systematic and objective evaluation of Earth system models: PCMDI Metrics Package (PMP) version 3
Jiwoo Lee, Peter J. Gleckler, Min-Seop Ahn, Ana Ordonez, Paul A. Ullrich, Kenneth R. Sperber, Karl E. Taylor, Yann Y. Planton, Eric Guilyardi, Paul Durack, Celine Bonfils, Mark D. Zelinka, Li-Wei Chao, Bo Dong, Charles Doutriaux, Chengzhu Zhang, Tom Vo, Jason Boutte, Michael F. Wehner, Angeline G. Pendergrass, Daehyun Kim, Zeyu Xue, Andrew T. Wittenberg, and John Krasting
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3919–3948,,, 2024
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A revised model of global silicate weathering considering the influence of vegetation cover on erosion rate
Haoyue Zuo, Yonggang Liu, Gaojun Li, Zhifang Xu, Liang Zhao, Zhengtang Guo, and Yongyun Hu
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3949–3974,,, 2024
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A radiative–convective model computing precipitation with the maximum entropy production hypothesis
Quentin Pikeroen, Didier Paillard, and Karine Watrin
Geosci. Model Dev., 17, 3801–3814,,, 2024
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Global sensitivity analysis (GSA) identifies which parameters of a model most affect its output. We performed GSA using statistical emulators as surrogates of two slow-running atmospheric chemistry transport models. Due to the high dimension of the model outputs, we considered two alternative methods: one that reduced the output dimension and one that did not require an emulator. The alternative methods accurately performed the GSA but were significantly faster than the emulator-only method.