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Model description paper
03 Jun 2016
Model description paper |  | 03 Jun 2016

A new subgrid-scale representation of hydrometeor fields using a multivariate PDF

Brian M. Griffin and Vincent E. Larson

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Parameterizing microphysical effects on variances and covariances of moisture and heat content using a multivariate probability density function: a study with CLUBB (tag MVCS)
Brian M. Griffin and Vincent E. Larson
Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 4273–4295,,, 2016
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A multivariate probability density function (PDF) can be used to represent the subgrid (below grid-box size) variability of atmospheric fields. The PDF was previously extended to include hydrometeor fields, such as rain water mixing ratio. Now, the PDF of hydrometeor fields is altered to account for precipitating and precipitation-less regions of the subgrid domain. Accounting for these regions allowed the hydrometeor PDF to produce an improved match to results from large-eddy simulations.