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Model description paper
30 Mar 2015
Model description paper |  | 30 Mar 2015

An integrated user-friendly ArcMAP tool for bivariate statistical modelling in geoscience applications

M. N. Jebur, B. Pradhan, H. Z. M. Shafri, Z. M. Yusoff, and M. S. Tehrany

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Manuscript not accepted for further review

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Short summary
The main contributions of this manuscript are • A novel and easy to use ArcMap tool is proposed for bivariate statistical analysis model implementation. • The developed tool facilitated and sped up the BSA modelling process of frequency ratio, weights of evidence, and evidential belief function. • This tool classifies the variables based on the acquired weights automatically. • All three methods were tested on a study area and landslide susceptibility maps were produced.