Articles | Volume 8, issue 3
Model description paper
30 Mar 2015
Model description paper |  | 30 Mar 2015

An integrated user-friendly ArcMAP tool for bivariate statistical modelling in geoscience applications

M. N. Jebur, B. Pradhan, H. Z. M. Shafri, Z. M. Yusoff, and M. S. Tehrany

Abstract. Modelling and classification difficulties are fundamental issues in natural hazard assessment. A geographic information system (GIS) is a domain that requires users to use various tools to perform different types of spatial modelling. Bivariate statistical analysis (BSA) assists in hazard modelling. To perform this analysis, several calculations are required and the user has to transfer data from one format to another. Most researchers perform these calculations manually by using Microsoft Excel or other programs. This process is time-consuming and carries a degree of uncertainty. The lack of proper tools to implement BSA in a GIS environment prompted this study. In this paper, a user-friendly tool, bivariate statistical modeler (BSM), for BSA technique is proposed. Three popular BSA techniques, such as frequency ratio, weight-of-evidence (WoE), and evidential belief function (EBF) models, are applied in the newly proposed ArcMAP tool. This tool is programmed in Python and created by a simple graphical user interface (GUI), which facilitates the improvement of model performance. The proposed tool implements BSA automatically, thus allowing numerous variables to be examined. To validate the capability and accuracy of this program, a pilot test area in Malaysia is selected and all three models are tested by using the proposed program. Area under curve (AUC) is used to measure the success rate and prediction rate. Results demonstrate that the proposed program executes BSA with reasonable accuracy. The proposed BSA tool can be used in numerous applications, such as natural hazard, mineral potential, hydrological, and other engineering and environmental applications.

Short summary
The main contributions of this manuscript are • A novel and easy to use ArcMap tool is proposed for bivariate statistical analysis model implementation. • The developed tool facilitated and sped up the BSA modelling process of frequency ratio, weights of evidence, and evidential belief function. • This tool classifies the variables based on the acquired weights automatically. • All three methods were tested on a study area and landslide susceptibility maps were produced.