Articles | Volume 15, issue 5
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 2035–2062, 2022
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 2035–2062, 2022
Model evaluation paper
10 Mar 2022
Model evaluation paper | 10 Mar 2022

IBI-CCS: a regional high-resolution model to simulate sea level in western Europe

Alisée A. Chaigneau et al.

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Impact of wave-water level non-linear interactions for the projections of mean and extreme wave conditions along the coasts of western Europe
Alisée A. Chaigneau, Stéphane Law-Chune, Angélique Melet, Aurore Voldoire, Guillaume Reffray, and Lotfi Aouf
EGUsphere,,, 2022
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Improved upper-ocean thermodynamical structure modeling with combined effects of surface waves and M2 internal tides on vertical mixing: a case study for the Indian Ocean
Zhanpeng Zhuang, Quanan Zheng, Yongzeng Yang, Zhenya Song, Yeli Yuan, Chaojie Zhou, Xinhua Zhao, Ting Zhang, and Jing Xie
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 7221–7241,,, 2022
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The bulk parameterizations of turbulent air–sea fluxes in NEMO4: the origin of sea surface temperature differences in a global model study
Giulia Bonino, Doroteaciro Iovino, Laurent Brodeau, and Simona Masina
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 6873–6889,,, 2022
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NeverWorld2: an idealized model hierarchy to investigate ocean mesoscale eddies across resolutions
Gustavo M. Marques, Nora Loose, Elizabeth Yankovsky, Jacob M. Steinberg, Chiung-Yin Chang, Neeraja Bhamidipati, Alistair Adcroft, Baylor Fox-Kemper, Stephen M. Griffies, Robert W. Hallberg, Malte F. Jansen, Hemant Khatri, and Laure Zanna
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 6567–6579,,, 2022
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Observing system simulation experiments reveal that subsurface temperature observations improve estimates of circulation and heat content in a dynamic western boundary current
David E. Gwyther, Colette Kerry, Moninya Roughan, and Shane R. Keating
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 6541–6565,,, 2022
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Parallel implementation of the SHYFEM (System of HydrodYnamic Finite Element Modules) model
Giorgio Micaletto, Ivano Barletta, Silvia Mocavero, Ivan Federico, Italo Epicoco, Giorgia Verri, Giovanni Coppini, Pasquale Schiano, Giovanni Aloisio, and Nadia Pinardi
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 6025–6046,,, 2022
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Climate-change-induced sea level rise is a major threat for coastal and low-lying regions. Projections of coastal sea level changes are thus of great interest for coastal risk assessment and have significantly developed in recent years. In this paper, the objective is to provide high-resolution (6 km) projections of sea level changes in the northeastern Atlantic region bordering western Europe. For that purpose, a regional model is used to refine existing coarse global projections.