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Model evaluation paper
14 Dec 2020
Model evaluation paper |  | 14 Dec 2020

Incoming data quality control in high-resolution urban climate simulations: a Hong Kong–Shenzhen area urban climate simulation as a case study using the WRF/Noah LSM/SLUCM model (Version 3.7.1)

Zhiqiang Li, Bingcheng Wan, Yulun Zhou, and Hokit Wong

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Model evaluation of high-resolution urban climate simulations: using the WRF/Noah LSM/SLUCM model (Version 3.7.1) as a case study
Zhiqiang Li, Yulun Zhou, Bingcheng Wan, Hopun Chung, Bo Huang, and Biao Liu
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 4571–4584,,, 2019
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Optimization of weather forecasting for cloud cover over the European domain using the meteorological component of the Ensemble for Stochastic Integration of Atmospheric Simulations version 1.0
Yen-Sen Lu, Garrett H. Good, and Hendrik Elbern
Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 1083–1104,,, 2023
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Our results provide evidence of the effects of incoming land surface data quality on the accuracy of high-resolution urban climate simulations and emphasize the importance of the incoming data quality control.