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Model description paper
24 Aug 2023
Model description paper |  | 24 Aug 2023

MESMAR v1: a new regional coupled climate model for downscaling, predictability, and data assimilation studies in the Mediterranean region

Andrea Storto, Yassmin Hesham Essa, Vincenzo de Toma, Alessandro Anav, Gianmaria Sannino, Rosalia Santoleri, and Chunxue Yang

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Variability of manometric sea level from reanalyses and observation-based products over the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans and the Mediterranean Sea
Andrea Storto, Giulia Chierici, Julia Pfeffer, Anne Barnoud, Romain Bourdalle-Badie, Alejandro Blazquez, Davide Cavaliere, Benjamin Coupry, Marie Drevillon, Sebastien Fourest, Gilles Larnicol, and Chunxue Yang
State Planet Discuss.,,, 2023
Preprint under review for SP
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Using canonical correlation analysis to produce dynamically based and highly efficient statistical observation operators
Eric Jansen, Sam Pimentel, Wang-Hung Tse, Dimitra Denaxa, Gerasimos Korres, Isabelle Mirouze, and Andrea Storto
Ocean Sci., 15, 1023–1032,,, 2019
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Assimilation of SST data in the POSEIDON system using the SOSSTA statistical-dynamical observation operator
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Ocean Sci. Discuss.,,, 2019
Preprint withdrawn
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Volume and temperature transports through the main Arctic Gateways: A comparative study between an ocean reanalysis and mooring-derived data
Marianne Pietschnig, Michael Mayer, Takamasa Tsubouchi, Andrea Storto, Sebastian Stichelberger, and Leopold Haimberger
Ocean Sci. Discuss.,,, 2017
Revised manuscript not accepted
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Data assimilation of Argo profiles in a northwestern Pacific model
Zhaoyi Wang, Andrea Storto, Nadia Pinardi, Guimei Liu, and Hui Wang
Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 17, 17–30,,, 2017

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Comparing the Performance of Julia on CPUs versus GPUs and Julia-MPI versus Fortran-MPI: a case study with MPAS-Ocean (Version 7.1)
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Geosci. Model Dev., 16, 5539–5559,,, 2023
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All aboard! Earth system investigations with the CH2O-CHOO TRAIN v1.0
Tyler Kukla, Daniel E. Ibarra, Kimberly V. Lau, and Jeremy K. C. Rugenstein
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Regional climate models are a fundamental tool for a very large number of applications and are being increasingly used within climate services, together with other complementary approaches. Here, we introduce a new regional coupled model, intended to be later extended to a full Earth system model, for climate investigations within the Mediterranean region, coupled data assimilation experiments, and several downscaling exercises (reanalyses and long-range predictions).