Articles | Volume 16, issue 6
Model evaluation paper
22 Mar 2023
Model evaluation paper |  | 22 Mar 2023

Continental-scale evaluation of a fully distributed coupled land surface and groundwater model, ParFlow-CLM (v3.6.0), over Europe

Bibi S. Naz, Wendy Sharples, Yueling Ma, Klaus Goergen, and Stefan Kollet

Data sets

The run control framework, data, and version of ParFlow used in the publication: A run control framework to streamline profiling, porting, and tuning simulation runs and provenance tracking of geoscientific applications Wendy Sharples

3 km ParFlow-CLM model simulations over EU-CORDEX Bibi S. Naz

Model code and software

ParFlow Version 3.6.0 Steve Smith, Reed Maxwell, Laura Condon, Nick Engdahl, Fabian Gasper, Ketan Kulkarni, Joe Beisman, Basile Hector, Carol Woodward, Jose Fonseca, David Thompson, and Ethan Coon

Short summary
It is challenging to apply a high-resolution integrated land surface and groundwater model over large spatial scales. In this paper, we demonstrate the application of such a model over a pan-European domain at 3 km resolution and perform an extensive evaluation of simulated water states and fluxes by comparing with in situ and satellite data. This study can serve as a benchmark and baseline for future studies of climate change impact projections and for hydrological forecasting.