Articles | Volume 12, issue 11
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 4901–4921, 2019
Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 4901–4921, 2019
Model description paper
27 Nov 2019
Model description paper | 27 Nov 2019

WAVETRISK-1.0: an adaptive wavelet hydrostatic dynamical core

Nicholas K.-R. Kevlahan and Thomas Dubos

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WAVETRISK-2.1: an adaptive dynamical core for ocean modelling
Nicholas Keville-Reynolds Kevlahan and Florian Lemarié
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,,, 2021
Preprint under review for GMD
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Adaptive wavelet simulation of global ocean dynamics using a new Brinkman volume penalization
N. K.-R. Kevlahan, T. Dubos, and M. Aechtner
Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 3891–3909,,, 2015
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Precipitation over southern Africa: is there consensus among global climate models (GCMs), regional climate models (RCMs) and observational data?
Maria Chara Karypidou, Eleni Katragkou, and Stefan Pieter Sobolowski
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 3387–3404,,, 2022
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On the impact of dropsondes on the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System model (CY47R1) analysis of convection during the OTREC (Organization of Tropical East Pacific Convection) field campaign
Stipo Sentić, Peter Bechtold, Željka Fuchs-Stone, Mark Rodwell, and David J. Raymond
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 3371–3385,,, 2022
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Assessment of the sea surface temperature diurnal cycle in CNRM-CM6-1 based on its 1D coupled configuration
Aurore Voldoire, Romain Roehrig, Hervé Giordani, Robin Waldman, Yunyan Zhang, Shaocheng Xie, and Marie-Nöelle Bouin
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 3347–3370,,, 2022
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CondiDiag1.0: a flexible online diagnostic tool for conditional sampling and budget analysis in the E3SM atmosphere model (EAM)
Hui Wan, Kai Zhang, Philip J. Rasch, Vincent E. Larson, Xubin Zeng, Shixuan Zhang, and Ross Dixon
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 3205–3231,,, 2022
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An evaluation of the E3SMv1 Arctic ocean and sea-ice regionally refined model
Milena Veneziani, Wieslaw Maslowski, Younjoo J. Lee, Gennaro D'Angelo, Robert Osinski, Mark R. Petersen, Wilbert Weijer, Anthony P. Craig, John D. Wolfe, Darin Comeau, and Adrian K. Turner
Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 3133–3160,,, 2022
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WAVETRISK-1.0 is a new adaptive dynamical core for global climate modelling. It uses multiscale adaptive wavelet methods to adjust the grid resolution of the model at each time to guarantee error and make optimal use of computational resources. This technique has the potential to make climate simulations more accurate and allow much higher local resolutions. This "zoom" capability could also be used to focus on significant phenomena (such as hurricanes) or particular regions of the Earth.