Articles | Volume 12, issue 8
Model evaluation paper
05 Aug 2019
Model evaluation paper |  | 05 Aug 2019

Climate projections of a multivariate heat stress index: the role of downscaling and bias correction

Ana Casanueva, Sven Kotlarski, Sixto Herrera, Andreas M. Fischer, Tord Kjellstrom, and Cornelia Schwierz

Model code and software

HeatStress A. Casanueva

plotFun A. Casanueva

qmCH2018 S. Kotlarski, J. Rajczak, and I. Feigenwinter

climate4R M. Iturbide, J. Bedia, S. Herrera, J. Baño-Medina, J. Fernández, M. D. Frías, R. Manzanas, D. San-Martín, E. Cimadevilla, A. S. Cofiño, and J. M. Gutiérrez

Short summary
Given the large number of available data sets and products currently produced for climate impact studies, it is challenging to distil the most accurate and useful information for climate services. This work presents a comparison of methods widely used to generate climate projections, from different sources and at different spatial resolutions, in order to assess the role of downscaling and statistical post-processing (bias correction).