Articles | Volume 8, issue 9
Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 2967–2975, 2015
Geosci. Model Dev., 8, 2967–2975, 2015

Methods for assessment of models 28 Sep 2015

Methods for assessment of models | 28 Sep 2015

Calculations of the integral invariant coordinates I and L* in the magnetosphere and mapping of the regions where I is conserved, using a particle tracer (ptr3D v2.0), LANL*, SPENVIS, and IRBEM

K. Konstantinidis and T. Sarris

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Lower-thermosphere–ionosphere (LTI) quantities: current status of measuring techniques and models
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Daedalus: a low-flying spacecraft for in situ exploration of the lower thermosphere–ionosphere
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Geomagnetic activity and local time dependence of the distribution of ultra low-frequency wave power in azimuthal wavenumbers, m
Theodore E. Sarris and Xinlin Li
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Calculating ultra-low-frequency wave power of the compressional magnetic field vs. L and time: multi-spacecraft analysis using the Van Allen probes, THEMIS and GOES
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Contribution of proton and electron precipitation to the observed electron concentration in October–November 2003 and September 2005
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Azimuthal averaging–reconstruction filtering techniques for finite-difference general circulation models in spherical geometry
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Improved forecasting of thermospheric densities using multi-model ensembles
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The 2nd & 3rd adiabatic invariants (in particular their proxies I & L*) are commonly used to characterize charged particle motion in a magnetic field. However care should be taken when calculating them, as the assumption of their conservation is not valid everywhere in the Earth’s magnetosphere. In this paper we compare calculations of I and L* using LANLstar, SPENVIS, IRBEM and a 3D particle tracer, and we map the areas in the Earth’s magnetosphere where I & L* can be assumed to be conserved.