Articles | Volume 16, issue 16
Methods for assessment of models
23 Aug 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 23 Aug 2023

Climate model Selection by Independence, Performance, and Spread (ClimSIPS v1.0.1) for regional applications

Anna L. Merrifield, Lukas Brunner, Ruth Lorenz, Vincent Humphrey, and Reto Knutti

Data sets

Predictors for ClimSIPS Anna Merrifield

Model code and software

CMIP_subselection (v1.0) Anna Merrifield and Mario Könz

ClimSIPS (v1.0.1) Anna Merrifield and Mario Könz

Short summary
Using all Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) models is unfeasible for many applications. We provide a subselection protocol that balances user needs for model independence, performance, and spread capturing CMIP’s projection uncertainty simultaneously. We show how sets of three to five models selected for European applications map to user priorities. An audit of model independence and its influence on equilibrium climate sensitivity uncertainty in CMIP is also presented.