Articles | Volume 16, issue 8
Development and technical paper
21 Apr 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 21 Apr 2023

Improving trajectory calculations by FLEXPART 10.4+ using single-image super-resolution

Rüdiger Brecht, Lucie Bakels, Alex Bihlo, and Andreas Stohl

Model code and software

Improving trajectory calculations using SISR R. Brecht, L. Bakels, A. Bihlo, and A. Stohl

Short summary
We use neural-network-based single-image super-resolution to improve the upscaling of meteorological wind fields to be used for particle dispersion models. This deep-learning-based methodology improves the standard linear interpolation typically used in particle dispersion models. The improvement of wind fields leads to substantial improvement in the computed trajectories of the particles.