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Review and perspective paper
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09 Mar 2023
Review and perspective paper | Highlight paper |  | 09 Mar 2023

Reproducible and relocatable regional ocean modelling: fundamentals and practices

Jeff Polton, James Harle, Jason Holt, Anna Katavouta, Dale Partridge, Jenny Jardine, Sarah Wakelin, Julia Rulent, Anthony Wise, Katherine Hutchinson, David Byrne, Diego Bruciaferri, Enda O'Dea, Michela De Dominicis, Pierre Mathiot, Andrew Coward, Andrew Yool, Julien Palmiéri, Gennadi Lessin, Claudia Gabriela Mayorga-Adame, Valérie Le Guennec, Alex Arnold, and Clément Rousset

Data sets

NOC-MSM/Belize_workshop: Belize Workshop (Regional NEMO Ocean in Docker Container C. Mayorga Adame, J. A. Polton, S. Acevedo, and J. Holt

NOC-MSM/SANH: South Asian Nitrogen Hub Regional Ocean Modelling. NEMOv3.6 J. Jardine, A. Katavouta, J. Polton, J. Holt, and S. Wakelin

NOC-MSM/SEAsia: SEAsia J. Polton, J. Harle, M. de Dominicis, and A. Katavouta

JMMP-Group/SEVERN-SWOT M. De Dominicis, J. A. Polton, M. P. Payo, and J. Brown

SANH: South Asian Nitrogen Hub Regional Ocean Modelling Biogeochemistry D. Partridge

ACCORD: Addressing Challenges of Coastal Communities through Ocean Research for Developing Economies Regional Ocean Modelling Biogeochemistry D. Partridge

NOC-MSM / Regional-NEMO-Medusa V. Le Guennec and J. Holt

NEMO Demonstrator: Worked Example of WED025 P. Mathiot and K. Hutchinson

NOC-MSM / SRIL34 J. Rulent

NEMO-PISCES 1D Demonstration guide C. Éthé, R. Person, and O. Aumont

Executive editor
Reproducibility is fundamental to the scientific method, but really reproducible computational science at the scale of ocean modelling is far from universal. This manuscript addresses the question of what it takes for regional ocean simulations to be reproducible. It should act as a reference point for that community and beyond.
Short summary
The aim is to increase the capacity of the modelling community to respond to societally important questions that require ocean modelling. The concept of reproducibility for regional ocean modelling is developed: advocating methods for reproducible workflows and standardised methods of assessment. Then, targeting the NEMO framework, we give practical advice and worked examples, highlighting key considerations that will the expedite development cycle and upskill the user community.