Articles | Volume 16, issue 4
Methods for assessment of models
27 Feb 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 27 Feb 2023

Incorporation of aerosol into the COSPv2 satellite lidar simulator for climate model evaluation

Marine Bonazzola, Hélène Chepfer, Po-Lun Ma, Johannes Quaas, David M. Winker, Artem Feofilov, and Nick Schutgens

Data sets

ATB CALIOP profiles Marine Bonazzola

CALIOP SR profiles Marine Bonazzola

CALIPSO Lidar Level 1.5 Profile, V1-01 NASA/LARC/SD/ASDC

Model code and software

COSPv2.0: Adding lidar aerosol simulator Marine Bonazzola and Hélène Chepfer

Short summary
Aerosol has a large impact on climate. Using a lidar aerosol simulator ensures consistent comparisons between modeled and observed aerosol. We present a lidar aerosol simulator that applies a cloud masking and an aerosol detection threshold. We estimate the lidar signals that would be observed at 532 nm by the Cloud-Aerosol Lidar with Orthogonal Polarization overflying the atmosphere predicted by a climate model. Our comparison at the seasonal timescale shows a discrepancy in the Southern Ocean.