Articles | Volume 15, issue 24
Model description paper
23 Dec 2022
Model description paper |  | 23 Dec 2022

UniFHy v0.1.1: a community modelling framework for the terrestrial water cycle in Python

Thibault Hallouin, Richard J. Ellis, Douglas B. Clark, Simon J. Dadson, Andrew G. Hughes, Bryan N. Lawrence, Grenville M. S. Lister, and Jan Polcher

Model code and software

unifhy (v0.1.1) Thibault Hallouin and Richard J. Ellis

unifhycontrib-artemis (v0.1.1) Simon J. Dadson, Thibault Hallouin, and Richard J. Ellis

unifhycontrib-rfm (v0.1.1) Huw Lewis and Thibault Hallouin

unifhycontrib-smart (v0.1.1) Thibault Hallouin, Eva M. Mockler, and Michael Bruen

Short summary
A new framework for modelling the water cycle in the land system has been implemented. It considers the hydrological cycle as three interconnected components, bringing flexibility in the choice of the physical processes and their spatio-temporal resolutions. It is designed to foster collaborations between land surface, hydrological, and groundwater modelling communities to develop the next-generation of land system models for integration in Earth system models.