Articles | Volume 15, issue 24
Model experiment description paper
16 Dec 2022
Model experiment description paper |  | 16 Dec 2022

A method for transporting cloud-resolving model variance in a multiscale modeling framework

Walter Hannah and Kyle Pressel

Data sets

Analysis code and reduced data Walter Hannah

Model code and software

E3SMv2 branch used for CRM Variance Transport validation in E3SM-MMF Walter Hannah

Short summary
A multiscale modeling framework couples two models of the atmosphere that each cover different scale ranges. Traditionally, fluctuations in the small-scale model are not transported by the flow on the large-scale model grid, but this is hypothesized to be responsible for a persistent, unphysical checkerboard pattern. A method is presented to facilitate the transport of these small-scale fluctuations, analogous to how small-scale clouds and turbulence are transported in the real atmosphere.