Articles | Volume 15, issue 22
Model experiment description paper
25 Nov 2022
Model experiment description paper |  | 25 Nov 2022

The Baltic Sea Model Intercomparison Project (BMIP) – a platform for model development, evaluation, and uncertainty assessment

Matthias Gröger, Manja Placke, H. E. Markus Meier, Florian Börgel, Sandra-Esther Brunnabend, Cyril Dutheil, Ulf Gräwe, Magnus Hieronymus, Thomas Neumann, Hagen Radtke, Semjon Schimanke, Jian Su, and Germo Väli

Data sets

Model code and boundary data for "Non-Redfield carbon model for the Baltic Sea (ERGOM version 1.2) - Implementation and Budget estimates" paper Thomas Neumann

Nemo-Nordic 1.0: A NEMO based ocean model for Baltic & North Seas, research and operational applications Robinson Hordoir, Lars Axell, Anders Höglund, Christian Dieterich, Filippa Fransner, Matthias Gröger, Ye Liu, Per Pemberton, Semjon Schimanke, Helen Andersson, Patrik Ljungemyr, Petter Nygren, Adam Nord, Anette Jönsson, Irène Lake, Kristofer Döös, Magnus Hieronymus, Heiner Dietze, Ulrike Löptien, and Jari Haapala

HBM DKSS version 2013 (DKSS-2013) Jian Su

River runoff forcing for ocean modeling within the Baltic Sea Model Intercomparison Project G. Väli, H. E. M. Meier, M. Placke, and C. Dieterich

Subset of UERRA Harmonie v1 Reanalysis variables Semjon Schimanke

Short summary
Comparisons of oceanographic climate data from different models often suffer from different model setups, forcing fields, and output of variables. This paper provides a protocol to harmonize these elements to set up multidecadal simulations for the Baltic Sea, a marginal sea in Europe. First results are shown from six different model simulations from four different model platforms. Topical studies for upwelling, marine heat waves, and stratification are also assessed.