Articles | Volume 15, issue 17
Model experiment description paper
05 Sep 2022
Model experiment description paper |  | 05 Sep 2022

Inland lake temperature initialization via coupled cycling with atmospheric data assimilation

Stanley G. Benjamin, Tatiana G. Smirnova, Eric P. James, Eric J. Anderson, Ayumi Fujisaki-Manome, John G. W. Kelley, Greg E. Mann, Andrew D. Gronewold, Philip Chu, and Sean G. T. Kelley

Data sets

NOAA High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

High Resolution Rapid Refresh Model (HRRR) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Model code and software

Weather Research and Forecasting Model NCAR/UCAR

Short summary
Application of 1-D lake models coupled within earth-system prediction models will improve accuracy but requires accurate initialization of lake temperatures. Here, we describe a lake initialization method by cycling within a weather prediction model to constrain lake temperature evolution. We compared these lake temperature values with other estimates and found much reduced errors (down to 1-2 K). The lake cycling initialization is now applied to two operational US NOAA weather models.