Articles | Volume 15, issue 4
Development and technical paper
21 Feb 2022
Development and technical paper |  | 21 Feb 2022

Model development in practice: a comprehensive update to the boundary layer schemes in HARMONIE-AROME cycle 40

Wim C. de Rooy, Pier Siebesma, Peter Baas, Geert Lenderink, Stephan R. de Roode, Hylke de Vries, Erik van Meijgaard, Jan Fokke Meirink, Sander Tijm, and Bram van 't Veen

Data sets

DALES_data_ARMcu W. C. de Rooy

DALES LES data for GABLS1 (only ninth hour), ASTEX, and slow and fast strato-cumulus cases W. C. de Rooy

HARMONIE-AROME 1D results for intercomparison cases W. C. de Rooy

One year HARMONIE-AROME SCM with cy40REF and cy40NEW for optimisation Turbulence scheme W. C. de Rooy and P. Baas

HARMONIE-AROME model data (cy40REF and cy40NEW) and observations for December 2018 W. C. de Rooy

Short summary
This paper describes a comprehensive model update to the boundary layer schemes. Because the involved parameterisations are all built on widely applied frameworks, the here-described modifications are applicable to many NWP and climate models. The model update contains substantial modifications to the cloud, turbulence, and convection schemes and leads to a substantial improvement of several aspects of the model, especially low cloud forecasts.