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Model evaluation paper
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30 Nov 2021
Model evaluation paper | Highlight paper |  | 30 Nov 2021

Assessment of the ParFlow–CLM CONUS 1.0 integrated hydrologic model: evaluation of hyper-resolution water balance components across the contiguous United States

Mary M. F. O'Neill, Danielle T. Tijerina, Laura E. Condon, and Reed M. Maxwell

Model code and software

ParFlow Version 3.6.0 (Version v3.6.0) S. Smith, R. Maxwell, L. Condon, N. Engdahl, F. Gasper, K. Kulkarni, J. Beisman, B. Hector, C. Woodward, J. Fonseca, D. Thompson, and E. Coon

Short summary
Modeling the hydrologic cycle at high resolution and at large spatial scales is an incredible opportunity and challenge for hydrologists. In this paper, we present the results of a high-resolution hydrologic simulation configured over the contiguous United States. We discuss simulated water fluxes through groundwater, soil, plants, and over land, and we compare model results to in situ observations and satellite products in order to build confidence and guide future model development.