Articles | Volume 13, issue 9
Model description paper
22 Sep 2020
Model description paper |  | 22 Sep 2020

Stoichiometrically coupled carbon and nitrogen cycling in the MIcrobial-MIneral Carbon Stabilization model version 1.0 (MIMICS-CN v1.0)

Emily Kyker-Snowman, William R. Wieder, Serita D. Frey, and A. Stuart Grandy

Model code and software

MIMICS-CN-for-publication v1.0 E. Kyker-Snowman, W. R. Wieder, S. Frey, and A. S. Grandy

Short summary
Microbes drive carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) transformations in soil, and soil models have started to include explicit microbial physiology and functioning to try to reduce uncertainty in soil–climate feedbacks. Here, we add N cycling to a microbially explicit soil C model and reproduce C and N dynamics in soil during litter decomposition across a range of sites. We discuss model-generated hypotheses about soil C and N cycling and highlight the need for landscape-scale model evaluation data.