Articles | Volume 13, issue 6
Model description paper
24 Jun 2020
Model description paper |  | 24 Jun 2020

Description and validation of the ice-sheet model Yelmo (version 1.0)

Alexander Robinson, Jorge Alvarez-Solas, Marisa Montoya, Heiko Goelzer, Ralf Greve, and Catherine Ritz

Model code and software

Yelmo source code snapshot A. Robinson, J. Alvarez-Solas, M. Montoya, H. Goelzer, R. Greve, and C. Ritz

Yelmo palma-ice

Yelmo Yelmo-docs

Short summary
Here we describe Yelmo v1.0, an intuitive and state-of-the-art hybrid ice sheet model. The model design and physics are described, and benchmark simulations are provided to validate its performance. Yelmo is a versatile ice sheet model that can be applied to a wide variety of problems.