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Methods for assessment of models
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18 Jun 2020
Methods for assessment of models | Highlight paper |  | 18 Jun 2020

Towards an objective assessment of climate multi-model ensembles – a case study: the Senegalo-Mauritanian upwelling region

Juliette Mignot, Carlos Mejia, Charles Sorror, Adama Sylla, Michel Crépon, and Sylvie Thiria

Model code and software

ClimModEns v1.0 Carlos Mejia and Charles Sorror

Short summary
The most robust representation of climate is usually obtained by averaging a large number of simulations, thereby cancelling individual model errors. Here, we work towards an objective way of selecting the least biased models over a certain region, based on physical parameters. This statistical method based on a neural classifier and multi-correspondence analysis is illustrated here for the Senegalo-Mauritanian region, but it could potentially be developed for any other region or process.