Articles | Volume 13, issue 5
Model description paper
26 May 2020
Model description paper |  | 26 May 2020

Ocean biogeochemistry in the Norwegian Earth System Model version 2 (NorESM2)

Jerry F. Tjiputra, Jörg Schwinger, Mats Bentsen, Anne L. Morée, Shuang Gao, Ingo Bethke, Christoph Heinze, Nadine Goris, Alok Gupta, Yan-Chun He, Dirk Olivié, Øyvind Seland, and Michael Schulz

Data sets

NCC NorESM2-MM model outputprepared for CMIP6 CMIP historical M. Bentsen et al.


Globa lOcean Data Analysis Project version 2 Bjerknes Climate Data Centre and ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre

Surface mixed layer depth C. de Boyer Montegut

Surface pCO2 and air–sea CO2 fluxes NOAA

Ocean primary production R. O'Malley

Dimethyl Sulphide (DMS) SOLAS Project Integration

δ14C and CFC-11 Global Ocean Data Analysis Project

δ13C BCDC Bjerknes Climate Data Centre

Model code and software

NorESM2_OCBGC_final.tex Ø. Seland, M. Bentsen, D. Olivié, T. Toniazzo, A. Gjermundsen, L. Seland Graff, J. Boldingh Debernard, A. Kumar Gupta, Y. He, A. Kirkevåg, J. Schwinger, J. Tjiputra, K. Schanke Aas, I. Bethke, Y. Fan, S. Gao, J. Griesfeller, A. Grini, C. Guo, M. Ilicak, I. H. Hafsahl Karset, O. Landgren, J. Liakka, A. Moree, K. Onsum Moseid, A. Nummelin, C. Spensberger, H. Tang, Z. Zhang, C. Heinze, T. Iversen, and M. Schulz

Short summary
Ocean biogeochemistry plays an important role in determining the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration. Earth system models, which are regularly used to study and project future climate change, generally include an ocean biogeochemistry component. Prior to their application, such models are rigorously validated against real-world observations. In this study, we evaluate the ability of the ocean biogeochemistry in the Norwegian Earth System Model version 2 to simulate various datasets.