Articles | Volume 13, issue 4
Development and technical paper
22 Apr 2020
Development and technical paper |  | 22 Apr 2020

Tracking water masses using passive-tracer transport in NEMO v3.4 with NEMOTAM: application to North Atlantic Deep Water and North Atlantic Subtropical Mode Water

Dafydd Stephenson, Simon A. Müller, and Florian Sévellec

Data sets

NEMO Reference configurations inputs NEMO Consortium

Model code and software

NEMO v3.4 NEMO Consortium

ds4g15/PT_TAM_ORCA2 v1.0.3 D. Stephenson

ds4g15/passive_experiments v1.0.1 D. Stephenson

Short summary
Different water types are created at the sea surface with a signature based on the local conditions of the atmosphere. They then take these conditions with them into the deeper ocean, and so their journey is an important climate process to understand. In this study, we modify and repurpose a specialised model which simulates the ocean forward and backward in time to determine where new ocean water goes, where at the surface existing water comes from, and how old it is, by tracking it as a dye.