Articles | Volume 11, issue 7
Methods for assessment of models
31 Jul 2018
Methods for assessment of models |  | 31 Jul 2018

Bayesian inference of earthquake rupture models using polynomial chaos expansion

Hugo Cruz-Jiménez, Guotu Li, Paul Martin Mai, Ibrahim Hoteit, and Omar M. Knio

Model code and software

85.14-Software for Calculating Earthquake Ground Motions from Finite Faults in Vertically Varying Media P. Spudich and L. Xu

Short summary
One of the most important challenges seismologists and earthquake engineers face is reliably estimating ground motion in an area prone to large damaging earthquakes. This study aimed at better understanding the relationship between characteristics of geological faults (e.g., hypocenter location, rupture size/location, etc.) and resulting ground motion, via statistical analysis of a rupture simulation model. This study provides important insight on ground-motion responses to geological faults.