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Model description paper
18 Feb 2016
Model description paper |  | 18 Feb 2016

ASHEE-1.0: a compressible, equilibrium–Eulerian model for volcanic ash plumes

M. Cerminara, T. Esposti Ongaro, and L. C. Berselli

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Emmie M. Bonilauri, Catherine Aaron, Matteo Cerminara, Raphaël Paris, Tomaso Esposti Ongaro, Benedetta Calusi, Domenico Mangione, and Andrew J. L. Harris
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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ConvectiveFoam1.0: development and benchmarking of a infinite-Pr number solver
Sara Lenzi, Matteo Cerminara, Mattia de' Michieli Vitturi, Tomaso Esposti Ongaro, and Antonello Provenzale
Geosci. Model Dev. Discuss.,,, 2020
Revised manuscript not accepted

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A new model for gas–particles compressible turbulent dynamics is developed. It is implemented in a fluid dynamic code based on the OpenFOAM libraries. The solver is tested against well known benchmarks, in particular: single and multiphase isotropic turbulence, plume turbulent dynamics and shock tube experiments. These comparisons validate the capability of the solver to capture the desired physics. A volcanic plume is analyzed, focusing on non-equilibrium ash dynamics and mean plume properties.