Articles | Volume 17, issue 2
Model evaluation paper
30 Jan 2024
Model evaluation paper |  | 30 Jan 2024

Modeling collision–coalescence in particle microphysics: numerical convergence of mean and variance of precipitation in cloud simulations using the University of Warsaw Lagrangian Cloud Model (UWLCM) 2.1

Piotr Zmijewski, Piotr Dziekan, and Hanna Pawlowska

Data sets

Data and scripts accompanying the paper "Modeling Collision-Coalescence in Particle Microphysics: Numerical Convergence of Mean and Variance of Precipitation in Cloud Simulations Using University of Warsaw Lagrangian Cloud Model (UWLCM) 2.1" P. Zmijewski et al.

Model code and software

University of Warsaw Lagrangian Cloud Model v2.1 source code P. Dziekan et al.

libmpdata++ v2.1 source code S. Arabas et al.

libcloudph++ v3.1 source code S. Arabas et al.

UWLCM plotting v1.0 source code P. Dziekan and P. Zmijewski

Coal Fluctu v2.2 source code P. Dziekan

igfuw/synth\_turb: Initial release P. Dziekan

Short summary
In computer simulations of clouds it is necessary to model the myriad of droplets that constitute a cloud. A popular method for this is to use so-called super-droplets (SDs), each representing many real droplets. It has remained a challenge to model collisions of SDs. We study how precipitation in a cumulus cloud depends on the number of SDs. Surprisingly, we do not find convergence in mean precipitation even for numbers of SDs much larger than typically used in simulations.