Articles | Volume 17, issue 7
Model experiment description paper
16 Apr 2024
Model experiment description paper |  | 16 Apr 2024

Challenges of constructing and selecting the “perfect” boundary conditions for the large-eddy simulation model PALM

Jelena Radović, Michal Belda, Jaroslav Resler, Kryštof Eben, Martin Bureš, Jan Geletič, Pavel Krč, Hynek Řezníček, and Vladimír Fuka

Data sets

Input data for the experiment (model and observations) Jelena Radović et al.

Short summary
Boundary conditions are of crucial importance for numerical model (e.g., PALM) validation studies and have a large influence on the model results, especially when studying the atmosphere of real, complex, and densely built urban environments. Our experiments with different driving conditions for the large-eddy simulation model PALM show its strong dependency on boundary conditions, which is important for the proper separation of errors coming from the boundary conditions and the model itself.