Articles | Volume 16, issue 3
Model evaluation paper
06 Feb 2023
Model evaluation paper |  | 06 Feb 2023

Implementation of HONO into the chemistry–climate model CHASER (V4.0): roles in tropospheric chemistry

Phuc Thi Minh Ha, Yugo Kanaya, Fumikazu Taketani, Maria Dolores Andrés Hernández, Benjamin Schreiner, Klaus Pfeilsticker, and Kengo Sudo

Data sets

Application for Request of Data or Samples Obtained by JAMSTEC's Research Vessels and Submersibles Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology

EMeRGe (Effect of Megacities on the Transport and Transformation of Pollutants on the Regional to Global Scales) Institut für Umweltphysik

Model code and software

Effects of heterogeneous reactions on global tropospheric chemistry (CHASER-V4.0) T. M. P. Ha, F. Taketani, Y. Kanaya, R. Matsuda, and K. Sudo

Short summary
HONO affects tropospheric oxidizing capacity; thus, it is implemented into the chemistry–climate model CHASER. The model substantially underpredicts daytime HONO, while nitrate photolysis on surfaces can supplement the daytime HONO budget. Current HONO chemistry predicts reductions of 20.4 % for global tropospheric NOx, 40–67 % for OH, and 30–45 % for O3 in the summer North Pacific. In contrast, OH and O3 winter levels in China are greatly enhanced.