Articles | Volume 16, issue 22
Methods for assessment of models
23 Nov 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 23 Nov 2023

A mountain-induced moist baroclinic wave test case for the dynamical cores of atmospheric general circulation models

Owen K. Hughes and Christiane Jablonowski

Data sets

Data and Code Supplement for "A Mountain-Induced Moist Baroclinic Wave Test Case for the Dynamical Cores of Atmospheric General Circulation Models" Owen Hughes and Christiane Jablonowski

Short summary
Atmospheric models benefit from idealized tests that assess their accuracy in a simpler simulation. A new test with artificial mountains is developed for models on a spherical earth. The mountains trigger the development of both planetary-scale and small-scale waves. These can be analyzed in dry or moist environments, with a simple rainfall mechanism. Four atmospheric models are intercompared. This sheds light on the pros and cons of the model design and the impact of mountains on the flow.