Articles | Volume 16, issue 17
Model description paper
08 Sep 2023
Model description paper |  | 08 Sep 2023

Simulated stable water isotopes during the mid-Holocene and pre-industrial periods using AWI-ESM-2.1-wiso

Xiaoxu Shi, Alexandre Cauquoin, Gerrit Lohmann, Lukas Jonkers, Qiang Wang, Hu Yang, Yuchen Sun, and Martin Werner

Data sets

PALMOD 130k marine palaeoclimate data synthesis V1.0 Lukas Jonkers, Olivier Cartapanis, Michael Langner, Nicholas McKay, Stefan Mulitza, Anne Strack, and Michal Kucera

A dynamically consistent gridded data set of the global, monthly-mean oxygen isotope ratio of seawater, link to NetCDF files Charlotte Breitkreuz, André Paul, Takasumi Kurahashi-Nakamura, Martin Losch, and Michael Schulz

Model code and software

Source codes and model outputs of AWIESM-wiso Xiaoxu Shi and Martin Werner

Short summary
We developed a new climate model with isotopic capabilities and simulated the pre-industrial and mid-Holocene periods. Despite certain regional model biases, the modeled isotope composition is in good agreement with observations and reconstructions. Based on our analyses, the observed isotope–temperature relationship in polar regions may have a summertime bias. Using daily model outputs, we developed a novel isotope-based approach to determine the onset date of the West African summer monsoon.