Articles | Volume 16, issue 2
Model description paper
23 Jan 2023
Model description paper |  | 23 Jan 2023

URANOS v1.0 – the Ultra Rapid Adaptable Neutron-Only Simulation for Environmental Research

Markus Köhli, Martin Schrön, Steffen Zacharias, and Ulrich Schmidt

Data sets

URANOS v1.0 M. Köhli

Model code and software

URANOS v1.0 M. Köhli

Short summary
In the last decades, Monte Carlo codes were often consulted to study neutrons near the surface. As an alternative for the growing community of CRNS, we developed URANOS. The main model features are tracking of particle histories from creation to detection, detector representations as layers or geometric shapes, a voxel-based geometry model, and material setup based on color codes in ASCII matrices or bitmap images. The entire software is developed in C++ and features a graphical user interface.