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Model description paper
25 Jul 2023
Model description paper |  | 25 Jul 2023

Modeling of non-structural carbohydrate dynamics by the spatially explicit individual-based dynamic global vegetation model SEIB-DGVM (SEIB-DGVM-NSC version 1.0)

Hideki Ninomiya, Tomomichi Kato, Lea Végh, and Lan Wu

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Future prediction of Siberian wildfire and aerosol emissions via the improved fire module of the spatially explicit individual-based dynamic global vegetation model
Reza Kusuma Nurrohman, Tomomichi Kato, Hideki Ninomiya, Lea Végh, Nicolas Delbart, Tatsuya Miyauchi, Hisashi Sato, Tomohiro Shiraishi, and Ryuichi Hirata
EGUsphere,,, 2024
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David Sandoval, Iain Colin Prentice, and Rodolfo L. B. Nóbrega
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Non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs) play a crucial role in plants to counteract the effects of climate change. We added a new NSC module into the SEIB-DGVM, an individual-based ecosystem model. The simulated NSC levels and their seasonal patterns show a strong agreement with observed NSC data at both point and global scales. The model can be used to simulate the biotic effects resulting from insufficient NSCs, which are otherwise difficult to measure in terrestrial ecosystems globally.