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Model description paper
12 Jul 2023
Model description paper |  | 12 Jul 2023

The Fire Inventory from NCAR version 2.5: an updated global fire emissions model for climate and chemistry applications

Christine Wiedinmyer, Yosuke Kimura, Elena C. McDonald-Buller, Louisa K. Emmons, Rebecca R. Buchholz, Wenfu Tang, Keenan Seto, Maxwell B. Joseph, Kelley C. Barsanti, Annmarie G. Carlton, and Robert Yokelson

Data sets

Fire Inventory from NCAR version 2 Fire Emission C. Wiedinmyer and L. Emmons

Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN) v2.5(MODIS), MOZART VOC speciation (v2.5) C. Wiedinmyer and L. Emmons

Model code and software

FINN (Fire INventory from NCAR) Preprocessor and Emission Estimator (v2.5.2) Christine Wiedynmyer


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Short summary
The Fire INventory from NCAR (FINN) provides daily global estimates of emissions from open fires based on satellite detections of hot spots. This version has been updated to apply MODIS and VIIRS satellite fire detection and better represents both large and small fires. FINNv2.5 generates more emissions than FINNv1 and is in general agreement with other fire emissions inventories. The new estimates are consistent with satellite observations, but uncertainties remain regionally and by pollutant.