Articles | Volume 16, issue 13
Development and technical paper
11 Jul 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 11 Jul 2023

Developing spring wheat in the Noah-MP land surface model (v4.4) for growing season dynamics and responses to temperature stress

Zhe Zhang, Yanping Li, Fei Chen, Phillip Harder, Warren Helgason, James Famiglietti, Prasanth Valayamkunnath, Cenlin He, and Zhenhua Li

Data sets

High Resolution WRF Simulations of the Current and Future Climate of North America, Research Data Archive at the National Center for Atmospheric Research R. Rasmussen and C. Liu

oah-MP data for modeling Canadian spring wheat study Z. Zhang

Model code and software

HRLDAS driver for NoahMP LSM v4.4 with spring wheat (v4.4) Cenlin_He, Michael Barlage, xutr-bnu, Zhe Zhang, David Mocko, and Fei Chen

CharlesZheZhang/noahmp: NoahMP LSM v4.4 with spring wheat (v4.4) Cenlin_He, Michael Barlage, Prasanth Valayamkunnath, Dave Gill, David Mocko, and Fei Chen

Short summary
Crop models incorporated in Earth system models are essential to accurately simulate crop growth processes on Earth's surface and agricultural production. In this study, we aim to model the spring wheat in the Northern Great Plains, focusing on three aspects: (1) develop the wheat model at a point scale, (2) apply dynamic planting and harvest schedules, and (3) adopt a revised heat stress function. The results show substantial improvements and have great importance for agricultural production.