Articles | Volume 16, issue 13
Model evaluation paper
06 Jul 2023
Model evaluation paper |  | 06 Jul 2023

Assessment of WRF (v 4.2.1) dynamically downscaled precipitation on subdaily and daily timescales over CONUS

Abhishekh Kumar Srivastava, Paul Aaron Ullrich, Deeksha Rastogi, Pouya Vahmani, Andrew Jones, and Richard Grotjahn

Data sets

ERA5 Reanalysis (0.25 Degree Latitude-Longitude Grid) European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Physiographically sensitive mapping of climatological temperature and precipitation across the conterminous United States ( C. Daly, M. Halbleib, J. I. Smith, W. P. Gibson, M. K. Doggett, G. H. Taylor, J. Curtis, and P. P. Pasteris

NCEP/EMC 4KM Gridded Data (GRIB) Stage IV Data. Version 1.0 (Version 1.0) J. Du

IM3/HyperFACETS Thermodynamic Global Warming (TGW) Simulation Datasets (v1.0.0) A. D. Jones, D. Rastogi, P. Vahmani, A. Stansfield, K. Reed, T. Thurber, P. Ullrich, and J. S. Rice

Model code and software

A Description of the Advanced Research WRF Version 3 (No. NCAR/TN-475+STR) W. C. Skamarock, J. B. Klemp, J. Dudhia, D. O. Gill, D. Barker, M. G. Duda, X. Huang, W. Wang, and J. G. Powers

Short summary
Stakeholders need high-resolution regional climate data for applications such as assessing water availability and mountain snowpack. This study examines 3 h and 24 h historical precipitation over the contiguous United States in the 12 km WRF version 4.2.1-based dynamical downscaling of the ERA5 reanalysis. WRF improves precipitation characteristics such as the annual cycle and distribution of the precipitation maxima, but it also displays regionally and seasonally varying precipitation biases.