Articles | Volume 16, issue 10
Methods for assessment of models
23 May 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 23 May 2023

PyFLEXTRKR: a flexible feature tracking Python software for convective cloud analysis

Zhe Feng, Joseph Hardin, Hannah C. Barnes, Jianfeng Li, L. Ruby Leung, Adam Varble, and Zhixiao Zhang

Data sets

Dataset used in GMD journal manuscript (egusphere-2022-1136) (1.0) Zhe Feng

Model code and software

Version of PyFLEXTRKR code used in the manuscript Zhe Feng

Short summary
PyFLEXTRKR is a flexible atmospheric feature tracking framework with specific capabilities to track convective clouds from a variety of observations and model simulations. The package has a collection of multi-object identification algorithms and has been optimized for large datasets. This paper describes the algorithms and demonstrates applications for tracking deep convective cells and mesoscale convective systems from observations and model simulations at a wide range of scales.