Articles | Volume 16, issue 7
Methods for assessment of models
17 Apr 2023
Methods for assessment of models |  | 17 Apr 2023

Evaluation of bias correction methods for a multivariate drought index: case study of the Upper Jhelum Basin

Rubina Ansari, Ana Casanueva, Muhammad Usman Liaqat, and Giovanna Grossi

Data sets

WFDE5 over land merged with ERA5 over the ocean (W5E5). V. 1.0 Stefan Lange

Model code and software

Climate change projections of wet and dry extreme events in the Upper Jhelum Basin using a multivariate drought index: Evaluation of bias correction Rubina Ansari, Ana Casanueva, Muhammad Usman Liaqat, and Giovanna Grossi

SantanderMetGroup/downscaleR: v3.3.3 (05 Jul 2021) (v3.3.3) Joaquin Bedia, Maialen Iturbide, Sixto Herrera García, szabotakacsb, Jose M. Gutierrez, Ana, Jorge Baño-Medina, Max Tuni, Matteo De Felice, and Jesus Fernandez

Package "SPEI". Calculation of the Standardised Precipitation-Evapotranspiration Index S. Beguería, S. M. Vicente-Serrano, and M. S. Beguería

Bias correction of GCM precipitation by quantile mapping: How well do methods preserve changes in quantiles and extremes? ( A. J. Cannon, S. R. Sobie, and T. Q. Murdock

Short summary
Bias correction (BC) has become indispensable to climate model output as a post-processing step to render output more useful for impact assessment studies. The current work presents a comparison of different state-of-the-art BC methods (univariate and multivariate) and BC approaches (direct and component-wise) for climate model simulations from three initiatives (CMIP6, CORDEX, and CORDEX-CORE) for a multivariate drought index (i.e., standardized precipitation evapotranspiration index).