Articles | Volume 16, issue 5
Development and technical paper
16 Mar 2023
Development and technical paper |  | 16 Mar 2023

Strategies for conservative and non-conservative monotone remapping on the sphere

David H. Marsico and Paul A. Ullrich

Data sets

Conservative and Non-Conservative Monotone Remapping Data David H. Marsico and Paul A. Ullrich

Model code and software

tempestremap: v2.1.6 P. A. Ullrich, Vijay Mahadevan, Rajeev Jain, Mark Taylor, David Hall, Iulian Grindeanu, Walter Hannah, David Marsico, Matthew Thompson, Andrew Bradley, Jake Bolewski, Jason Sarich, and Simon Byrne

Short summary
Climate models involve several different components, such as the atmosphere, ocean, and land models. Information needs to be exchanged, or remapped, between these models, and devising algorithms for performing this exchange is important for ensuring the accuracy of climate simulations. In this paper, we examine the efficacy of several traditional and novel approaches to remapping on the sphere and demonstrate where our approaches offer improvement.