Articles | Volume 15, issue 23
Model description paper
30 Nov 2022
Model description paper |  | 30 Nov 2022

spyro: a Firedrake-based wave propagation and full-waveform-inversion finite-element solver

Keith J. Roberts, Alexandre Olender, Lucas Franceschini, Robert C. Kirby, Rafael S. Gioria, and Bruno S. Carmo

Data sets

Simulation scripts and data for full waveform inversion using spyro Keith J. Roberts

Model code and software

spyro V0.1.0 Keith J. Roberts, Alexandre Olender, and Lucas Franceschini

Software used in ``Full waveform inversion using triangular waveform-adapted meshes'' (Firedrake_20210810.0) firedrake-zenodo

Short summary
Finite-element methods (FEMs) permit the use of more flexible unstructured meshes but are rarely used in full waveform inversions (FWIs), an iterative process that reconstructs velocity models of earth’s subsurface, due to computational and memory storage costs. To reduce those costs, novel software is presented allowing the use of high-order mass-lumped FEMs on triangular meshes, together with a material-property mesh-adaptation performance-enhancing strategy, enabling its use in FWIs.