Articles | Volume 15, issue 22
Development and technical paper
23 Nov 2022
Development and technical paper |  | 23 Nov 2022

Lightning assimilation in the WRF model (Version 4.1.1): technique updates and assessment of the applications from regional to hemispheric scales

Daiwen Kang, Nicholas K. Heath, Robert C. Gilliam, Tanya L. Spero, and Jonathan E. Pleim

Data sets

Lightning Assimilation in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model: Technique Updates and Assessment of the Applications from Regional to Hemispheric Scales (1.0) Daiwen Kang, Nickolas Heath, Robert Gilliam, Tanya Spero, and Jonathan Pleim

WRFv4.1.1 (Version 4.1.1) University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

The lightning flashes data from National Lightning Detection Network Vaisala Inc.

Lightning flash data from the World Lightning Location Network University of Washington

PRISM High-Resolution Spatial Climate Data for the United States University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

CPC Global Unified Gauge-Based Analysis of Daily Precipitation National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Short summary
A lightning assimilation (LTA) technique implemented in the WRF model's Kain–Fritsch (KF) convective scheme is updated and applied to simulations from regional to hemispheric scales using observed lightning flashes from ground-based lightning detection networks. Different user-toggled options associated with the KF scheme on simulations with and without LTA are assessed. The model's performance is improved significantly by LTA, but it is sensitive to various factors.