Articles | Volume 15, issue 1
Model description paper
07 Jan 2022
Model description paper |  | 07 Jan 2022

Implementing the Water, HEat and Transport model in GEOframe (WHETGEO-1D v.1.0): algorithms, informatics, design patterns, open science features, and 1D deployment

Niccolò Tubini and Riccardo Rigon

Data sets

OMS project for WHETGEO-1D, v-1.0-beta ( Niccolò Tubini and Riccardo Rigon

Model code and software

A software engineering perspective on environmental modeling framework design: The Object Modeling System O. David, J. C. Ascough, W. Lloyd, T. R. Green, K. W. Rojas, G. H. Leavesley, and L. R. Ahuja

WHETGEO-1D v1.0-beta ( Niccolò Tubini and Riccardo Rigon

Day 1-2 WHETGEO-1D Niccolò Tubini, Giuseppe Formetta, Riccardo Rigon, Marialaura Bancheri, Francesco Serafin, Michele Bottazzi, Stefano Tasin, Daniele Dalla Torre, and Concetta D'Amato

Short summary
This paper presents WHETGEO and its 1D deployment: a new physically based model simulating the water and energy budgets in a soil column. WHETGEO-1D is intended to be the first building block of a new customisable land-surface model that is integrated with process-based hydrology. WHETGEO is developed as an open-source code and is fully integrated into the GEOframe/OMS3 system, allowing the use of the many ancillary tools it provides.